Friday, 5 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 5: Sheffield to St Pancras

On my way to a retreat centre so this is clumsily typed into my phone and the last published day until I return!

Sheffield to St Pancras

When it's a fiver more on the train,
always upgrade to first class.
It's worth it for the WiFi.
But I can only wonder
who I share the carriage with.
Are we all bargain hunters here,
smug with superior thrift?
Yet when the fare website
gleefully shouted I'd saved
one hundred pounds eighty pence,
there must be someone
who picked up that price.
Untaxed people steeped in plenty.
Barely noticing the 'hosts',
as if tea serves its self.
Surrounded by tablets, e-readers,
moving and spending sums
more than my net value,
with stamps of their disinterested digits.
To cast so much with disregard
while others are herded
by advances and railcards,
such comfort in the face of struggling,
it isn't right.

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