Sunday, 28 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 27: The view from South Road

I ran a writing workshop at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre this evening for the younger Sangha. The theme was Re-Imagining the Buddha and engaging with what an enlightened one meant to us. This was taken from an exercise about engaging with a place as being alive and connected to us rather than taking the materialistic view that it is dead. You may potentially see more of what came out of this workshop if I run out of time over the next few days!

The view from south road

is vexed when I ignore it in the morning.
With my bleary vision and brain hampered
by headphone parasites deep in the ears.
It tries all manner of things to grab my attention
but only ever succeeds by donning robes
of fierce orange, pastel blue and rose pink.
Waiting until I turn down Barber Road
to commence the dance,
to set free a shifting celestial palette.
These pinhole camera eyes
barely take in the magnificence
before my film of mindless movements combusts
and the shock benumbs my body with awe.

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