Friday, 19 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 19: The Dark of the Matinee

A mention of the cinema, spurred this train of thought on and yes I've pinched the title!

The Dark of the Matinee

I wish this was cinema.
I'd splice out the static,
remove the monotomy
of what I ate and defecate.
Only speak with purpose
(a script writer at my back.)
Slow steady progression, over
in the blink of a montage.

For now I only feel the drag.
The same scene gestating
before an arthose camera.
So I lose myself in the matinee
with the lovers, lost and lonely.
Learn that buried in this life,
this series of passing frames,
there is an arc.
Then climb from subterranean wonder
to find they are still showing
The Afternoon Sun
It's like the audience is on your side
and there's still time to change the reel.

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