Monday, 15 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 10: Insight Meditation

Days 6 through 12 were all written where I had no access to the internet so please find them here retrospectively.

Was reading the work of Shantideva at the time so had an attempt in a similar vein about the retreat.

Insight meditation

Thus have I learned; the body is a vessel
and within it is the mind.
Arrogantly assuming dominance,
it is eager, inquisitive and shameless.
Labeling life with the passion of an autopsy.
Bragging to be architect of every action,
it closes the door to all opportunities.
Allowing only the track which it lays.

Do not let the mind take ownership!
Listen to the volition in each muscle
and the empathic interplay of organs,
as the evening breeze cools the skin.
Though it bears witness
the mind did not sculpt this.
When emotion would twist sense topography
explore the cause and consequence
or else be marched like mind's marionette
Grant delusion and fantasy no trespass.
Raise up the blind called self.

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