Sunday, 28 April 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 28: Last of a line

The next Northern Oak song is going to be about the pagan goddess Nerthus and starting the research for the lyrics I read the words carved bones and this came out.

Last of a line

I could barely crouch in the hovel
that had seen hundreds healed,
tilled by a heritage of women
who forgo-ed pleasure to anoint pain.

For the past hour, with a mother's grace,
she has placed bones like fragile lives.
Each seems older than the one before.
All are resplendent
in an emerald script
that whispers directly inside me
with a language I feel I once knew.

I have survived my last rain.
I will teach you how to bind me
like my sisters here before us.
Then I will guide you through your seasons
to work in the half light between soul and spirit.

Why would I help the one who failed my son?

Because now you understand the importance.

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