Friday, 4 April 2014

NaPoWriMo 2014 Day 4: Doe Eyed for the Darkened Corners

So this came from first prompt which involved using the following divining tool and I got led to a piece called 'I recommend the Zebra Lounge' by Megan Volpert and it led me to write this...

Doe Eyed for the Darkened Corners

When she said that piano bars are for the lost
I was heady with the sweet romanticism.
The way smoke smells so heaven sent
the week after you've quit again.

Reminds me of a man who wanted a gin joint
so he could down ruin and clutch the glass,
as the bitter fire churned his gut.
Not that he had any sorrows.
Just knew the misery would find him
if he could land the right venue

and I think we've all got that faulty wiring.
Sparking pleasure from the wallowing
and it's fine for a time
if we can acccept it's a choice.
That shouting and yelling
is a lot cheaper than beer
and there are a host of hands
out there, reaching to help us.

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