Monday, 16 May 2011

Dino Merlin - Love in Rewind

So another Eurovision rolled round and this was one of those years which involved a gaggle of us shouting at the TV while drinking and much fun was had by all.

The majority of songs are sung in English and I'm sure its a source of much frustration to other countries but it does throw up some interesting uses of the language. Some are quite cringe worthy, like a couple of years ago when a Russian trio of girls sang about their asses being spun round, while others can be really thought provoking.

The one that got the grey matter cogitating this time was Bosnia and Herzegovina's entry by Dino Merlin called 'Love in Rewind'.

The chorus is about if the singer should die today, what would he leave behind. Now there are all sorts of objects, legacies, ideas and descendants that could be left behind but for the singer it will just be a couple of songs and whoever he is speaking to's 'love in rewind'. Now I find that a really beautiful idea, as if their entire relationship has been building up this moment and now it will unravel backwards - reliving each embrace, tryst and whispered word until they are nothing more but strangers again passing each other in a crowd.

Now I don't think it is an especially good song (my vote would have been for the cheesiness of Sweden's 'Popular' or the sheer sillyness of the gnomes of Moldova!) but it is catchy enough.

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