Thursday, 9 September 2010

[untitled] by Rufinus

There are days when I'm plodding along, minding my own business, when I encounter a poem which really astounds me with the ability to make me think of something in a different light. Describing it in such a beautiful way that it appears a marvel.

Here below is Exhbit N, which as a whole isn't especially good but...

[untitled] by Rufinus

How could I have known
Kythereia was in her bath,
her lovely hands letting
her hair laugh about her throat.

May she, my queen, have mercy-
my eyes saw what was not meant for me.
Her unspeakable beauty, her graces
have shamed even the Goddess.

Her hair laugh about her throat, as soon as I read this my mind was set alight. What a stunning way to describe hair? I would never have though of it laughing but now I can imagine hair moving gently around her neck as if each strand is playing with the other, it has such a positive feel and makes the mental picture of an attractive nubile lady naked in the bath come all the more alive.

It's great to find little treasures like this.

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