Monday, 5 July 2010

Musician's Circle by Martin Collins

Musician's Circle

When asked how long we've played together,
we recount the years with a pleasant surprise
before a knowing wink starts the next tune.
Our shared memories, different colours
refracted from the same pure light,
evoke the melody which fills the room
the glory of our days and adventures
lay beside the trials we've overcome
and the odd missed or mangled notes,
private sorrows we helped each other through.
Each bar is a story only we know.
Even so, all who hear our song
feel the human beauty of these moments
which resonate with their exploits
until the end when they applaud
not just our sound but all of creation.

M. Collins

Went down to the folk session at the Kelham Island Tavern and it always amazes me how a bunch of people who have never seen or practiced with each other before can (to my eyes and ears) miraculously play such awesome tunes together.

There was a woman who lead the session for quite a while who had turned up with a friend and somebody asked them how long they had been playing together and as she smiled and replied a good few years now I immediately started writing and redrafting this for the rest of the night.

Still not 100% with the ending, it captures a large part of what I was thinking but seems a bit too Christian for my liking.

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